Our Teaching Methodology

1. Avadhna

It is a traditional vedic technique for lifelong embedded learning based upon the power of concentration which, when combined with a will and perseverance can open all doors and lead to success in any endeavour.

Keeping this in mind, at Tishadz, we use Flash cards after every standard leading to rapid learning along with a focussed approach. This results in a learning pace three times faster than your expectations.

Flash cards create stronger neuron connections in the brain making it more likely to remember the information in the future. They allow you to repeat the act of learning and memorizing until you are an expert on the information. They are considered the most effective way for  learners to study and retain factual knowledge, especially when they are used smartly.

2. Neuro Linguistic Programming

We all know the powerful impact of  Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP) on our learning process. At Tishadz, through our Programmed Learning Methodology(PLM), mind mapping through flowcharts and step by step problem solving techniques, we ensure a smooth learning process with the focus on in depth understanding and retention.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Gone are those days when monitoring and feedback was done manually. Our Artificial Intelligence (A.I) based platform provides a personalized learning experience while automating menial tasks. With individualized dashboards and visual progress tracking, learners get regular feedback. After every module, the learner has to undergo a test for which the scores are given immediately with appropriate suggestions to further improve performance and score.

Highlights of OUR Course
  • 125 + IFRS Video Lectures
  • 100 + Case studies in Excel
  • 350 + Pages of Handouts
  • Story Behind the Standards
  • Students Corner
  • Common Mistakes and Memory Tips
  • Personalized Students Dashboard
  • Flashcards (500+)
  • Quizzes
  • How to make IFRS Financial Statements
  • Comprehensive Questions
  • Revisionary Modules (10 Mock ups)
  • Case Studies
  • Test Yourself Kit (1000 + questions)