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  • With ACCA membership, you can secure a job at the top MNCs inclusive of the BIG FOURS. Apart from them, the core companies such as TATA, BARCLAY’S, STANDARD CHARTERED, BDO, GRANT THORNTON etc are also recruiting ACCA.
  • The various job profiles that a student can follow after the successful completion of ACCA course in India
  • Investment Advisory
  • Risk Advisory
  • Audit and Assurance
  • Accounting Advisory
  • Internal Audit
  • Taxation
  • Corporate Finance etc

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5 Career “Dilemma“ faced by
Accounting Professionals:
  1. Multiple attempts at cracking CA exam have left you exhausted.
  2. You want to upscale your ordinary accounting career.
  3. Your Masters degree has failed you in providing career break through.
  4. Having high aspirations but stuck in a mundane accounting profile.
  5. Looking for a ICE Breaker after a long career break.

Difference between CA & ACCA
5 points learner’s must consider before
selecting any Online ACCA course:
  1. Flexible Learning Management System as per individualistic pace.
  2. 100% structured programmed course coverage and deliverance.
  3. Unlimited access to videos and learning materials.
  4. Assessments n Mock-ups to boost confidence.
  5. Diligent monitoring to maintain continuity and regularity.

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