1. Course Coverage

We believe that it is necessary for the learner to know about all the standards in detail and not just focus on the ACCA course as it is the knowledge of all the standards in detail which will help in cracking the interview and getting the Job. We have 125+ video lectures.

2. Structured Format

At Tishadz, all the videos have a proper structured pattern. We begin with the story behind every standard, its need, Objectives, Key Definitions, Content along with examples and comprehensive questions followed by Students corner, Memory tips and Mcqs to judge your knowledge. Our 7 step Programmed Learning Methodology (PLM) is considered to be the best and makes Tishadz IFRS Course as the “First choice” for all the learners.

3. Concept Clarity

The faculty at Tishadz know that we tend to forget the concepts over a period of time and so it is important to explain the concepts from the basic grassroot level. Hence, even if you are not in a comfort zone with your basic fundamental knowledge…u need not worry at all….!!

4. Unlimited Access

There is no such restriction incase of our elearning modules. Once you become our student, you can access the complete portal as many times as needed and desired by you for a period of 12 months.

5. Practice questions

“Practice makes a man perfect”. And so at the end of every standard, you will find a set of testing questions to gain the confidence regarding your learning and understanding of the standard.

6. Add ons to enhance learning

In our course, you will not only get the detailed explanation in a structured form but also our tools to enhance and fasten your learning experience. So, we have: “Students Corner” highlighting the important points, “Common Mistakes” that students commit while attempting questions “Memory Tips” giving ways to learn “Flash Cards” to test yourself thru fun learning methodology

7. Comprehensive Solutions

We provide a step by step guide for practical implementation of all the comprehensive problems to make application in the real scenario easier and smooth.

8. Revisionary Module n Test Yourself

After completion of each standard, we not only have multiple choice questions but also provide learners with 50 comprehensive question module, Revisionary Modules and a Test Yourself Kit.

9. Cost Effective

We Believe that IFRS course should be Advanced and yet Affordable so that a large number of students and learners can be benefited but without compromising on the quality of content which should be world-class.